On a hot summer night; Ece goes to Cenk’s place. It feels like they have missed each other for so long. Suddenly a thief appears at the house – Kılıç a 14 years old boy, somehow escapes from the apartment. A moment later another thief appears from the darkness. Ece defends herself and hits him with something heavy. Tayfun collapses on the floor, full of blood.

Cenk claims to take care of everything and sends Ece away and calls his best friend Faruk. Faruk and his lawyer Merve arrives. Apparently Faruk and Ece are engaged to be married. Faruk and Cenk are partners in a big consortium. Cenk graduated very recently and came back from the US very same day to work on this project. Kılıç chases Ece and forces her in the car as he couldn’t have any news from his brother Tayfun. From this point on a chain of events start rolling one after another where we witness complex urban relations, deep wounds and fragile lives of our characters; and its consequences which will change Cenk, Faruk and Ece life forever.

Ece - Nehir Erdoğan
Cenk - İlker Kaleli
Faruk - Tardu Flordun
Merve - Esra Bezen Bilgin
Cihan - Serkan Keskin
Kılıç - Aytaç Uşun
Efe - Cem Özeren
Ümit - Caner Arıkan
Bozo - Hakan Karsak
Sabri - Deniz Gürzumar
Hamdi - Burak Arslan
Tayfun - Emrah Özdemir
Ceyhun - Muhammed Saki
Hospital Police - Hilmi Özçelik
Recycle Person - Salih Yaygın
Ambulance Staff - Taylan Kapan
Traffic Police - Emre Yılmaz
Doctor - Bilalettin Tahirler
Tayfun Double – Radoslav Ignatov

Directed by
Ozan Açıktan

Necati Akpınar
Tunay Vural

Cem Akaş
Ozan Açıktan
Faruk Özerten

Cem Akaş

Screenplay Consulting
Keith Cunningham

Production Design
Yaşar Kartoğlu

Ahmet Sesigürgil

Associate Producer
Şebnem Kitiş

Line Producer
Faruk Özerten

Music by
Burak Güven

Sound Recording
Levent İntepe

Film Editing by
Erkan Erdem

Post Production Producer
Elçin Çetin Bora

Art Direction
Murat Uçan

Costume Design
Pınar Zeynep Akyürek

Make Up
Cafer Yeşil

Casting Director
Harika Uygur (CSA)


Love is tangled with crime.
Crime is tangled with love.
And they all have consequences.